Amish  Wood Caskets
                           Our caskets are made in the USA

Sold by Epting Funeral Home, Amish Wood Division

The Amish are known for their simple way of life and their craftsmanship, originating from the traditions and practices that stress the importance of quality workmanship. Amish-made food, furniture, and crafts reflect their high standards.  Naturally, this strong work ethic is passed from generation to generation.   


Solid Mahogany, Velvet Interior, Gloss Finish



Solid Walnut, Velvet Interior, Satin Finish


Cherry Wood

Solid Cherry, Velvet Interior, Gloss Finish



Solid Pecan, Dark Pecan Stain, Satin Finish, Velvet Interior, Three Ray Head Panel, Antique Bronze Hardware


Cherry Wood

Cherry wood in with natural finish, antique gold hardware and cherry wood handles, adjustable bed with mattress


Rustic Cedar

Solid Cedar, Gloss Finish


Oak Wood

Solid Oak, Gloss Finish



Solid Cottonwood, Rosetan Crepe Interior, Glass Finish


Rustic Pine

Rustic Pine, Rosetan Crepe Interior, Gloss Finish


Natural Pine

Solid Pine, Natural Finish, Wood Handles, Flat Top


+Extra charge of $75.00 for velvet Interior on all wood caskets.


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