Monuments will be seen for generations, so this may be the most difficult choice in the funeral service planning.  Monuments are often very personalized showing someone’s love for music, their devotion to their church, their love of family or other hobbies, charities and contributions.

Some cemeteries have restrictions on the size monuments or markers allowed.  One of the first steps in determining the right monument is to find out if there are any restrictions where the monument will be placed.  If you are preplanning and have not finalized the location of the marker, you can elect choices based on various possibilities.

Monuments come in a variety of styles and sizes – upright, slant, wing, markers.  Upright monuments are the traditional two piece memorial, the top portion where information is engraved and the base for that piece. 






Markers are either flat with the ground (grass markers) or slightly raised (beveled markers). 


Wing Monuments


Slants and Slants on Bases

 The height of a slant memorial is between an upright and marker.  A slant memorial can be engraved on the back as well as the face.



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