Pre-Plan and Purchase


Why Pre-plan?

Pre-planning your funeral not only eliminates one of the burdens that your loved ones face, but it can also save you money.  When a loved one dies without pre-made arrangements, family members often scramble to make the arrangements, not allowing time to make the most economical decisions.  This also puts additional strain at an already difficult time.   Are they making the right decisions regarding your preferences, are they financially prepared to absorb the costs, and what type of service should they choose?

By pre-planning your arrangements, you can alleviate that stress and also find the most affordable, best quality products and services.

How do I Pre-plan?

Caring Caskets offers a Pre-Planning Guide, which includes a detailed checklist and helps you make thoughtful, economically sound decisions on future arrangements.  As part of the planning process, the Federal Trade Commission also offers Funerals: A Consumer Guide, which provides valuable information on pre-planning.


Can I finance my Pre-purchase?

Absolutely. We offer an interest-free Pre-Purchase Plan, allowing you to choose the products and begin paying now so family and friends are not confronted with preference or financial decisions at an emotionally stressful time. You can set up the contract to pay as little as $35 per month, which is affordable and eliminates a future worry for your loved ones. Contact Us for a copy of the Pre-Purchase Contract.  We also accept all major credit cards.


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